Media Use Case
royalty-free molecule graphics for broadcast, print or web
Educational Use Case
royalty-free molecule graphics for handouts, slides and worksheets
Marketing Use Case
royalty-free molecule graphics for product literature, signage and reports
Corporate Use Case
royalty-free molecule graphics for high resolution print projects

Visual Molecules Common Compounds

a set of 500+ graphics of molecular chemical substances

Common Compounds graphics are available in two distinct products. One is a set of high-resolution rendered graphics in both 2D (EPS and TIF) and 3D (PNG with alpha channel) files. They are ready for use in print, video or computer based projects for teachers, students, journalists and graphic designers. The other set consists of ball-and-stick 3D object (OBJ) and accompanying material (MTL) files for use in 3D animation software, or to 3D print as models. All graphics have been directed by a PhD chemist, ensuring the highest level of scientific accuracy. PNG and EPS files have background transparency, so they are ready for use over any background. Both collections are available through a buy-out license, with an affordable annual subscription.

Our 17 categories of molecules include: Acids, Amino Acids, Atmospheric Gases, Bases, Carbohydrates, Crystals, Drugs, Food Additives, Haloalkanes, Health and Beauty, Hormones and Bioactive Agents, Hydrocarbons, Pharmaceuticals, Solvents, Vitamins and Nutrients, Weapons/Explosives and Other. Please feel free to download 2D full resolution examples or a sample 3D OBJ/MTL file pair to judge the quality of our graphics for yourself. For reference, you can view our periodic table as well (pdf). New molecules are added to the collection on a regular basis, so be sure to check in from time to time to see what's new.

  • r-134a.jpg
  • chloroform.jpg
  • diamond.jpg
  • bakingsoda.jpg
  • ozone.jpg
  • thc.jpg
  • deet.jpg
  • vinegar.jpg
  • dna.jpg
  • carbonnanotube.jpg
  • oxycodone.jpg
  • graphite.jpg
  • viagra.jpg
  • cholesterol.jpg
  • vitamin-b12.jpg
  • citricacid.jpg
  • ambien.jpg
  • thiazole.jpg
  • rubbingalcohol.jpg
  • menthol.jpg
  • msg.jpg
  • iodine.jpg
  • ibuprofen.jpg
  • heparin.jpg
  • caffeine.jpg
  • lactose.jpg
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